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What do I need to know about Drawer and Food Warmers?


Drawer Warmer

Drawer Warmers
Drawer warmers are great for holding food, but not for display. These are usually cabinets or drawers that work well in a kitchen because they are smaller in size and don’t take up valuable countertop space.

Drawer warmers have a wide variety of uses from holding hot meals with lids for banquet serving to holding bread rolls or similar foods. They can have separate controls for multiple drawers, allowing a user to store various items at different temperatures and humidity levels.

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Food Warmer

Countertop Food Warmers
Food warmers are traditionally used to serve hot food in a self-serve environment, such as a buffet. Some are tailored to specific products while others are all-purpose. Food warmers can hold hotel sized pans for solid foods or soup style dishes for liquid foods. They are available with electric hook-ups, which reduce mobility, but increase safety.

Soup kettles and food warmers should be used to bring precooked foods up to a safe warming temperature, but you cannot cook raw food in them.

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