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Warming & Holding Equipment Buying Guide

hot food holding station

Part 1: When Should Warming and Holding Equipment Be Used?

Not sure if your restaurant would benefit from using warming and holding equipment? Find out now in this easy guide.

warm soup holding equipment

Part 2: Should I use Dry or Moist Heat?

Learn how to choose between dry and moist heat equipment.

buffet station

Part 3: Do I need a Food Bar or Hot Food Table?

Understand the differences between a hot food table and a food bar and what each piece of equipment can offer your food service business.

heated merchandising cabinet

Part 4: About Heated Merchandisers and Cabinets

Keep your finished foods warm and ready to serve. Learn about how heated merchandisers and cabinets help keep your service moving smoothly.

warming and holding equipment

Part 5: What do I need to know about Drawer and Food Warmers?

What goes behind the scenes and what is front and center for customer display? Learn about drawer warmers and countertop food warmers.

onion rings

Part 6: What are Overhead Warmers?

Heat lamps or heat strips? Understand the difference and what each warming technique has to offer.

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