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Wine Racks, Pan Racks and Security Units

Wine Racks, Pan Racks and Security Units

What about Spiral and Planetary Mixers?
There are three types of specialty shelving: Wine Racks, Pan Racks and Security Units. These shelves provide the specialized storage you may need for your business.

Wine Rack

Wine Racks and Shelving
  • Designed to hold bottles of wine securely at the optimal angles and temperatures.
  • Available in cradle configurations to store individual bottles.
  • Available in bin configurations that will hold entire cases of wine bottles.

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Pan Rack

Pan Racks
  • A blend of shelving units and service carts.
  • Narrow rails hold trays of food.
  • Entire rack can be wheeled around, even in and out of refrigerators.

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Security Unit

Security Units
  • Very strong wire shelving units that can be locked shut to secure valuables.
  • Great for protecting personal items.
  • Secures valuable equipment and prevents theft in an open kitchen.

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