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Dunnage Racks, Shelving Units and Wall Storage

Dunnage Racks, Shelving Units and Wall Storage

Do I Need Dunnage Racks, Shelving Units or Wall Storage?

The three primary types of storage are dunnage racks, shelving units and wall shelving. All three provide excellent options for creating a customized storage scheme, but are most effective when combined.

Dunnage Racks

  • Low, very strong shelves intended to keep large items at least 12 inches of the floor.
  • Sold individually, but can be linked together end-to-end, back-to-back or stacked.
  • Ideal for keeping bulk items off the ground.
  • Don’t provide a lot of clearance between the shelves when stacked.

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Dunnage Rack

Consider Dunnage Racks if:

Heavy Bag

You have very large items that need to be staged or moved frequently.

Dunnage Storage

Your storage area is not permanent and needs to be cleared out for other uses.

Shelving Units

  • Rectangular blocks with multiple shelves.
  • Can be combined to create highly versatile custom storage.
  • Are typically around six feet tall with three to five shelves.
  • In many units all or part of the shelves in a unit can be moved or removed based on the amount of space you need.
  • Can’t store quite as much weight as dunnage racks, but the adjustable shelves allow large items to be stored on multiple shelves.
  • Are usually purchased in sets of standard units or add-on units.
  • Are safest when anchored in place, making them less mobile than dunnage racks.

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Shelving Units

Consider Shelving Units if:

Full Shelving

You have a wide variety of items to store.

Shelving Units

Your storage area is a permanent and won’t need to be used for something else.

Wall Shelving

  • Is designed to attach directly to the wall, well above the ground.
  • Small shelves are intended to make use of every scrap of space.
  • Fits above appliances and work space where floor space is unavailable but storage is needed.
  • Ideal if you have no floor space to dedicate to storage.

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Wall Shelving

Consider Wall Shelving if:

Shelves For Busy Kitchens

You need storage near large appliances or over furniture.

Shelves For Small Items

You need just a little storage.

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