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Storage and Transport Buying Guide

walk-in cooler with shelving

Part 1: Shelving

Discover the advantages of solid and vented shelving units.

wall shelving

Part 2: Dunnage Racks, Shelving Units and Wall Storage

Safe and organized food storage is key to keeping your restaurant running smoothly. Learn about how to put together the best shelving configuration for your commercial kitchen's needs.

pan racks

Part 3: Wine Racks, Pan Racks and Security Units

Does your restaurant need additional storage for wine, prepared food or high-end items? Learn about the options available to keep your inventory secure and organized.

vending cart

Part 4: Kiosks and Vending Carts

Learn about where you can use a kiosk or vending cart.

food carriers

Part 5: Outdoor Catering Equipment

Discover the types of specialty storage and transport equipment available for outdoor catering.