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Commercial Mopping Equipment

Preparation is important when it comes to mopping, especially in the janitorial business. Janitorial staff needs to have all the right cleaning tools on hand. Check the list below to make sure you have the right products for the task at hand.

mop bucket

Mop Bucket
This is an essential product to have when using a wringer to dry out your mop. It acts as a sturdy tank that stores the water that is being used. Mop buckets can come in both a plastic or metal construction. A plastic bucket is more sanitary than a metal one and has a longer lifespan.

mop wringer

This is nested on top of a mop bucket. It makes wringing out a soaked mop less of a chore. There are several types of wringers, including side-press and down-press models. Side-press wringers allow water to flow more quickly into the bucket while down-press wringers are designed to reduce the stress on your wrist.

wet floor sign

Floor Signs & Cones
These products are used to keep customers safe. An unmarked wet floor inside any commercial dining establishment poses a dangerous situation. Some floor signs can be equipped with slots for hanging, lock-on warning signs or connected to barrier chains to block off areas you are working in.

dust mop

Dust Mop
Unlike a wet or sponge mop, this product is designed specifically to pick up dust from smooth surfaces. The dust mop comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each specifically made for specific jobs. They are especially helpful when cleaning up dirt, debris and hair.

wet mop

Wet Mop
Wet mops make cleaning hard surfaces a simple task. Microfiber wet mops are able to pick up twice as much liquid as a standard mop. They can be used on both rough and uneven surfaces.

sponge mop

Sponge Mop
This product usually comes with a highly absorbent cellulose sponge. This mop is perfect for simple floor maintenance and sanitizing applications. Most sponge mops come with a front pull lever for easy mop wringing.

janitorial cart

Janitorial Cart
The multifaceted janitorial cart is fundamental for any member of a janitorial staff. It is designed to accommodate and organize tools and supplies. It is a logical choice for heavy-duty applications. It can hold your dirty mop heads, towels, dust pans, cleaning supplies and has small compartments for rags and cleaning mitts.

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