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Janitorial Equipment and Supplies Buying Guide

Janitorial Equipment and Supplies Buying Guide

restaurant floor cleaning tools

Part 1: Commercial Mopping Equipment

Customers see your floors before they taste the menu. Keep your restaurant shiny and clean from top to bottom and select the right mopping equipment for your operation.

mop bucket

Part 2: Wet Mops: Choosing The Right Yarn For The Job

Did you know that the type of yarn on a mop affects its overall use? Learn what yarn type is best for your restaurant and clean your floors efficiently.

kitchen employee wiping prep area

Part 3: Microfiber Versus Cotton Fiber

Learn about the difference between cotton and microfiber in cleaning products.

dustpan in restaurant

Part 4: Dust Mops: Choosing The Best Value

The overall construction of a dust mop head will affect its usability. Select the mop that will help sweep out the competition with these easy tips.

dustpan in restaurant

Part 5: Brooms: Choosing The Right Bristle

Sweep away the dirt faster and more efficiently with the right broom bristle.

industrial garbage can

Part 6: Commercial Dusters

From cobwebs to dust bunnies commercial kitchen and dining areas keep clean with the right dusting tools. Select the right duster for your operation and itchy noses at bay.

cleaning supply holder

Part 7: Commercial Cleaning Pads

Get your floors shiny and clean with the right buffer pad.

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