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Bars have different glassware needs than other aspects of a foodservice operation. Pubs, taverns and bar areas tend to use more glasses for each person than a full-service dining room. The bar area also requires a wider variety of glassware than other parts of a restaurant. Learn about the different kinds of glassware you should consider purchasing to serve mixed drinks, beer, wine and shots.

Essential Bar Glassware

beer glassware


Whether you are serving lagers, pilsners, stouts or ales, there are a variety of beer glasses and mugs to suit your needs. Pint glasses work well for serving almost any kind of beer, while pilsner glasses are specifically designed to serve pilsners and lagers.

Beer mugs and steins can also be used with any kind of beer. These mugs are made with thick glass to prevent breakage, and offer a handle for easy lifting of the heavy glass. A glass chiller can be used to frost and chill glasses before serving the beer.

Types of beer glasses:

shot, shooter and rocks glasses

Shot, Shooter and Rocks

Shot glasses come with a thick and heavy bottom to prevent the glass from breaking when customers slam them on the table or counter. While liquor on the rocks should be served in rocks or Old Fashioned glasses, single shots can be served in a shot glass, shooter or whiskey glass.

Types of shot and rocks glasses:

cocktail glassware

Mixed Drinks

For serving mixed drinks and cocktails, there are a variety of glasses available for your bar. Margarita and martini glasses are essential for any bar that wants to serve these drinks. Liqueurs, sweet cocktails or mixed drinks with a higher percentage of mixture to liquor can be served in a variety of other specialized cocktail or mixed drink glasses.

Types of cocktail glasses:

wine glassware


Depending on the variety of wine that you serve, you may need to stock up on several different types of wine glasses. For red wine, use a glass with a wide bowl to let the wine breathe. A narrower rim will concentrate the aroma inside the bowl. White wines generally do not need to breathe, so white wine glasses have a narrower bowl.

Wine glasses should have fairly thin glass to deliver the wine to the correct spot on the tongue, but if the glass is too thin, you may experience a lot of breakage. Special glasses are made for sparkling wine, sherry and fortified wines.

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Types of beer glasses:

all-purpose glassware


In addition to beer, wine and liquor glasses, every bar should have a stock of multipurpose glassware to serve customers who may want to drink non-alcoholic beverages. Beverage glasses can be used for soda, water, tea or any other kind of drink, while glass goblets are ideal for serving any beverage, but can also be used for wine in case the wine glasses run low.

Types of all-purpose glasses:

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