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Cafe and Diner Glassware Guide

Having enough glassware throughout the day is crucial for any foodservice operation. Without beverage glasses, juice glasses and coffee mugs, the proper meal cannot be served. A significant portion of restaurant profits come from beverages. Pick the glasses designed to maximize your beverage service.

For small cafés and diners, you won’t need nearly as many types of glasses as you would in a bar or a formal restaurant. Always cover your bases first, and be sure to have plenty of your most used glassware.

Choosing Beverage Glasses for Your Diner or Cafe

water glasses

Water Glasses

These 8-10 ounce glasses are necessary for serving water. You can choose any type of beverage glass you like. You can choose from simple straight sided glasses, paneled glasses or specialty glasses.

coffee glasses

Coffee Glasses

If your café or diner serves coffee, consider using coffee glasses. These decorative glasses are great for holding and serving coffee, lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.

coffee mugs

Coffee Mugs

If you prefer ceramic or porcelain mugs to coffee glasses, check out our ceramic coffee mugs. They come in various capacities and sizes. Consider picking mugs that will match your dinnerware patterns.

juice glasses

Juice Glasses

When serving juice at breakfast or brunch, use a juice glass instead of a water glass. A lot of times, people do not drink juice as heavily as they would water or iced tea. These juice glasses are smaller and therefore reduce the risk of wasting juice, thus saving you money.

How Much Glassware to Keep on Hand

Below is a recommendation of how many glasses to keep on hand in your café or diner.

For Serving Casual Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Items For 100 Seats
5 oz. Juice Juice 12 dozen
10 oz. Water Water 24 dozen
12 oz. Beverage Iced Tea, Soda, etc 12 dozen

For Serving Casual Dinner with Wine Service

Items For 100 Seats
5 oz. Juice Juice 12 dozen
10 oz. Water Water 24 dozen
12 oz. Beverage Iced Tea, Soda, etc 12 dozen
Coffee Glasses or Mugs Coffee or Hot Tea 12 dozen
Wine Glasses (Either Red or White) Red or White Wine 12 dozen

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