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Chef's Knives

How do I Increase The Lifespan Of My Chef's Knives?

After spending a small fortune on quality knives, who can blame you if you want to be sure they last a lifetime? Keeping your knives sharp keeps them effective and with a few simple pieces of equipment you can keep your knives in the best possible condition.

Chef Knives

Knife Sharpeners

  • The knife guide is designed to precisely sharpen both sides of the blade edge.
  • Running your knife through the guides aligns the blade with the sharpening grinders that sharpen it.
  • Grinders should be replaced if they seem ineffective which only occurs occasionally.
  • Knife steels are used to hone and clean knives. After sharpening a blade, pass it across the steel three or four times in order to remove microscopic metal shavings.
  • Shine an overhead light across the edge - the areas you see reflecting light are dull and need sharpening.

Shop Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

Knife Racks

  • Use Knife Racks to hold your knives conveniently.
  • Racks are designed to keep your knives readily at hand while preserving the points and blades.
  • Inserts are available for a variety of different knives.

Shop Knife Racks

Knife Rack

Knife Rack

Knife Sanitation Systems

  • Knife Sanitizers - also known as Cutlery Sanitation Systems - are Knife Racks that allow complete submersion of knife blades in cleaning solution.
  • These simple time-saving devises preserve the points and blades of your knives while keeping them clean and safe.
  • Grinders should be replaced if they seem ineffective which only occurs occasionally.
  • Cutlery Sanitation Systems are designed for wall mounting.
  • Some models are equipped with drainage tubes for easy filling and emptying of the sanitation tank.

Knife Rack

Knife Rack

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