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Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Operation

Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Operation

What Type of Commercial Refrigerator Or Freezer You Need

When selecting the best commercial refrigerator or freezer for your application, consider the food and beverage items you need to store. Determine the location where you will install the unit (whether in your kitchen or in the front of house), and how you will need to access the food items each day. This will help you determine the size, capacity and door style of the refrigerator, which can narrow down the types.

Select The Size Refrigerator For Your Commercial Kitchen

There is no real size standard when it comes to commercial refrigeration. The right size commercial refrigerator for your food service operation will be based entirely on the space available and storage capacity needed. It will help to know about how much product you need on a daily or weekly basis. Bring these base numbers to an Account Manager at, and he or she can help you determine the number of sections or cubic feet that would best accommodate your operational needs.

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Refrigerators and Freezers

The temptation to purchase residential style units for a commercial kitchen can be strong, especially when space is limited or money is tight. Be vigilant and learn about all your options in the commercial equipment world first. There are almost always more compact commercial units at budget-friendly prices that will meet health code standards. Consider both of these factors before selecting a model that may not keep up with commercial food service demands.

Additional Options Or Accessories On Your Commercial Refrigerator

Additional options and accessories can make your commercial refrigerator even more efficient, depending on the needs of your operation. Pan slides may be far more efficient than actual shelves, for instance. Talk to your Account Manager about your operational style to be sure you have what you need. Be sure you consider the options available to you before you make your final purchase. This way, you know you are truly getting the best machine for your money.

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