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Commercial Refrigeration Buying Guide

Part 1: What is Commercial Refrigeration?

Learn about the definition of commercial refrigeration.

Part 2: How Do You Know if You Need Commercial Refrigeration?

On the fence about whether your business needs commercial refrigeration?

solid four door commercial refrigerator

Part 3: What are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose the unit or units that meet food service needs.

commercial refrigerator handles

Part 4: What are the Differences between Commercial and Residential Refrigerators?

Thinking about pinching some pennies and using a residential refrigeration unit in your restaurant? Before you settle on that notion, compare the specifications each unit provides.

refrigerated prep table

Part 5: What Size Commercial Refrigerator Do You Need?

Tight spaces and cavernous kitchens alike must plan for efficient equipment floor plans. Choose the right size refrigeration equipment for your space while meeting the storage needs for your food service business.

wine refrigerator

Part 6: What Options and Accessories are Available for My Commercial Refrigerator?

Commercial refrigeration is available in many configurations. Choose options and accessories that will create ease of use and optimal storage.

Part 7: Additional Considerations When Selecting a Commercial Refrigerator

Know the life expectancy, warranty information and total weight of your commercial refrigeration purchase.

countertop merchandiser

Part 8: Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Refrigerator for Your Operation

Find the right type, size and accessories for your commercial refrigeration needs.

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