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Commercial Ranges Buying Guide

open burner range

Part 1: What is a Commercial Range?

Learn about what a commercial range is and how it is used.

commercial range

Part 2: Why is a Commercial Range Important for You?

Learn about the applications a commercial range can bring to your professional kitchen.

commercial range

Part 4: What are the Different Types of Commercial Ranges?

Discover the different types of commercial ranges available.

commercial range

Part 5: What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Heavy-Duty Commercial Range Vs. a Restaurant Range?

Trying to decide between purchasing a heavy-duty and a restaurant range? Use this buying guide to help weigh out the pros and cons of each unit.

open burner range

Part 6: What Type of Commercial Range Cook Top Configuration Do You Need?

Choose a cooking surface that best meets your professional kitchen's needs. Use this guide to learn about what each surface type has to offer.

commercial range

Part 7: What Size Commercial Range Do You Need?

Discover the options for setting up your commercial kitchen with a new range configuration.

commercial salamander

Part 8: Additional Factors You Should be Aware of When Purchasing a Commercial Range

Learn about additional broiling equipment that can enhance your food service production.

open burner range

Part 9: What Do I Need to Know About Range Utilities?

Learn more about what you need to properly install your commercial range.

commercial range

Part 10: What Additional Features Should I Be Aware of?

Get the most out of your commercial range purchase and select helpful equipment options.

frying pan on commercial range

Part 11: Five Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Range for Your Operation

Use this checklist to select the best range for your food service operation.

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