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Additional Factors You Should be Aware of When Purchasing a Commercial Range

Additional Factors You Should be Aware of When Purchasing a Commercial Range

When purchasing a commercial range, additional broiling equipment can come in handy. These units include salamander broilers, cheesemelters, and griddle-broilers. These units vary in capability, from cooking full meals to bring able to just finish the final touchs on an item before serving.


  • Salamander broilers use infrared heat, resulting in a higher range of heating power than cheesemelters
  • Salamander broilers are significantly more expensive and more powerful than cheesemelters
  • With high heating capabilities, salamanders can cook a thick steak or melt cheese on a sandwich


  • Cheesemelters are less powerful than salamander broilers
  • Cheesemelters provide gentle heat from a tube warmer, which is perfect for delicate cooking
  • Cheesemelters are perfect for holding hot food or finishing cheese dishes

Attaching Additional Broiling Equipment

When you decide to purchase additional equipment, you have the option of mounting it to your range, attaching it to the wall above the range, or even dropping it directly into the countertop space, depending on the type of equipment. There are advantages and disadvantages of each, and you should evaluate your kitchen space and cooking style before deciding on a setup for your operation.

Range Mounted
  • Does not take up counter space
  • Needs proper ventilation
  • Pipes make it hard to move the range for cleaning

Range mounted salamander

Wall Mounted
  • Does not take up counter space
  • Does not have to be on top of a range freeing up range space
  • Can be put out of the way of other equipment, as long as its properly ventilated

Wall mounted salamander

  • Large open cooking area
  • Can be accessed even if someone else is standing at the range