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About Finishing Ovens

How finishing ovens work
As the name suggests, finishing ovens give food its finishing touch by glazing, melting or browning the top layer. Heating elements installed at the top of the finishing oven direct the heat only to the top surface of the food item.

For different finishing needs, models are equipped with either an adjustable top or a movable wire shelf for the perfect concentration of heat. Power can also be adjusted to half or full power as needed.

Finishing Oven

Finishing oven uses
For flawless presentation, finishing ovens are the last step for many food items. Onion soup receives it melted cap of cheese, desserts acquire glazing, and meats are browned just before delivery to the restaurant patron.

  • Cheese is melted
    Cheese is melted
  • Deserts are glazed
    Deserts are glazed
  • Meats are browned
    Meats are browned