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About Combi Ovens

Electric Half-Size Combination Oven/Steamer

How Combi Ovens Work

Available in both gas and electric models, combi ovens join together convection and steam heat in one machine. Increasing flexibility and versatility, combi ovens provide the option of cooking with steam only, convection only, or a combination of the two. In essence, a combi oven is three ovens in one, saving space while increasing productivity and quality.

The Pros and Cons Of Combi Ovens

  • Steamer, convection oven, and combination of the two in one machine
  • Combination of functions frees up floor space
  • Reversible fan for exceptionally even cooking
  • Eliminates transfer of flavor among differing food products cooking simultaneously
  • Programmable control panel capable of storing 250 multiple step recipes
  • Rethermalizing function for previously cooked and chilled foods
  • Automatic, hands free cleaning system

  • High initial cost of purchase
  • High cost of ownership

Cooking Results Of Combi Ovens

Steam mode

Steam mode
The steam mode of the combi oven never exceeds 212°F. As a result, vegetables retain their color, taste and nutrients and the delicate flesh of seafood is preserved with its entire flavor.

Convection mode

Convection mode
The convection mode is perfect for baking. The butter in baked goods loses its moisture faster, becoming flakier and crisper. By more evenly distributing the oven’s heat with a reversible fan, the convection mode uniformly cooks all sides of baked goods.

Combi mode

Combi mode
The combi mode combines the steam and convection modes together. Meats and poultry are perfectly browned from the convection heat and the steam heat prevents moisture loss by as much as one third.

The Combi mode is ideal for the following:
  • Roasting and grilling meats and poultry with 1/3 less moisture loss
  • Baking hard crusted breads and rolls
  • Frying breaded and battered food using residual oils in the batter
  • Rethermalizing previously prepared frozen food without moisture loss

Steam Generator Versus Boilerless Combi Ovens

Steam generator
These models demand regular cleaning of the boilers, have more parts requiring service and fail when not cleaned or serviced regularly, all of which increase cost of operation.

These models eliminate the problems associated with steam generator models and therefore have a lower cost of operation.

Capacities and Styles of Combi Ovens

Half size combi oven

Half size sheet pan models
  • Accommodate 6, 10 or 20 pans
  • 6 and 10 pan capacity models designed for table top installation
  • 20 pan capacity floor model has trolley that rolls and locks into oven cavity

Full size combi oven

Full size sheet pan models
  • Accommodate 7, 10, 12, or 20 pan
  • Hold double their capacity in half size sheet pans
  • 7 and 10 pan capacity models designed for table top installation
  • 12 and 20 pan capacity floor models have trolleys that roll and lock into oven cavity

Water Filtration for Combi Ovens

Installing a water filtration system for the combi oven is a requirement. Not only does a filtration system reduce the amount of mineral deposits transferred to the oven, it also provides cleaner, healthier water for steam cooking. The improved taste and less frequent cleanings make filtration systems a necessity.

Combi oven water filter

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