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Find the Best Ice Maker for Your Business in 4 Steps | FSW

Find the Best Ice Maker for Your Business in 4 Steps | FSW

Determine what type of ice you need in your commercial kitchen.

best ice machineWhen selecting the type of ice you need in your commercial kitchen, consider what you will use it for. Ice is commonly used for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, restaurants use ice in salad bars and for displaying food items or chilling bottled beer and wine. Restaurants, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals often use ice to treat injuries.

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Select what size ice machine you need (how much ice you need daily).

Sizing your ice machine is one of the most important decisions you will make in terms of selecting an ice machine. It is essential to be sure that you choose an ice machine that will produce enough ice for your operation on a daily basis. Speak to a Account Manager to determine the most appropriate unit for your operation.

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Choose between an air-cooled condenser and a water-cooled condenser.

Determining the best commercial ice machine for your operation depends on many things, but the condenser will make a big difference. An air-cooled condenser will save on water costs, while a water-cooled unit might cut down on noise and be more reliable in hotter climates.

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Decide on any additional accessories or items you might need.

Your ice machine will most likely require an ice storage bin or dispenser beneath it to receive and hold the ice. You may need a bin top kit, an ice scoop and a water filter as well. Consider all the accessories you will need to make your ice machine function at its peak in your application.

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