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Commercial Ice Machines Buying Guide

commercial ice machine with dispenser

Part 1: What is a Commercial Ice Machine?

One of the most important decisions you can make when purchasing an ice machine is the style of ice you want. Commercial ice machines produce one of three styles of ice: cubes, flakes and nuggets – each style has advantages for different applications.

commercial ice machine with dispenser

Part 2: Why is a Commercial Ice Machine Important to You?

Choosing the right size ice machine can be tough. Review our charts to see what

ice bin full of ice with metal scoop

Part 3: Types of Ice Makers

Full-cube, half-cube, flake and nugget are different ice types that provide specific benefits. What type is best for your business? Discover the benefits and ideal uses for each ice type and use the right type of ice for your food service operation.

Part 4: How Do Air Cooled Ice Machines Compare to Water Cooled Ice Machines?

Decide between purchasing a water-cooled and an air-cooled ice machine by examining the benefits and ideal applications of each condenser type.

Part 5: What Size Commercial Ice Machine Do You Need?

When choosing a commercial ice machine size does matter. This helpful chart and video will assist in determining how much ice you need to produce in a 24-hour period.

Part 6: Do You Need a Bin or Dispenser for Your Commercial Ice Machine?

When you purchase an ice machine, it is typical for a storage container to be purchased separately. Choose the style of ice storage that meets your specific needs with these helpful tips.

hotel ice dispenser

Part 7: Do You Need a Water Filter for Your Commercial Ice Machine?

Clean and crisp ice starts with clean water. Consider what a water filtration system can provide for your ice production.

ice scoop

Part 8: What Options and Accessories are Available for Your Commercial Ice Machine?

Enhance the performance and usability of your commercial ice machine with the right accessories and options for your operation.

Part 9: What Else Should You Consider When Selecting a Commercial Ice Machine?

Life expectancy and warranty are important to consider when purchasing your next commercial ice machine.

Part 10: Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Ice Machine

Need a new commercial ice machine, but don't have a lot of time to research all the options available? Take a look at these four steps to selecting the right unit for your business.

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