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Which is better, Gas or Electric?

Propane or Natural Gas propane gas tank vs light bulb Electric Power

Heating Speed
Electric commercial fryers take longer to get up to temperature and typically can’t reach the same maximum temperature as their gas-powered counterparts.

Edge: Gas

Oil Recovery
Once up to temperature, electric fryers recover more quickly between frying cycles than their gas counterparts.

Edge: Electric

Operational Cost
In the past, gas fryers were the least expensive to operate. However, in recent years natural gas has outpaced the cost of electricity in some areas.

Slight Edge: Gas

Electric fryers house a heating element inside the oil, increasing efficiency. Conversely, gas commercial fryers must heat the metal container holding the oil first, which in turn heats the oil – this uses more energy.

Edge: Electric

Product Type
You can choose gas or electric power for open-pot, tube-style or flat-bottom fryers

Edge: Even
full-size fryer
man carrying box

Electric fryers have the edge because they are not tied to a gas line. Relocating them however, still might require a visit from your electrician..

Edge: Electric