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Commercial Fryers Buying Guide

Part 1: What are the different fryer types?

Learn how a commercial fryer's sediment zone affects the finished product of the food that is fried.

Part 2: Which is better, Gas or Electric?

In the debate between electric versus gas fryers, which is best? Take a look at this comparison chart to see how each utility works with commercial fryers.

commercial fryer baskets

Part 3: Why are oil selection and filtration important?

The kind of oil and filter you use on your commercial fryer matters! Learn how to choose the right oil and filter for your operation.

commercial fryer with computerized controls

Part 4: Why Computerized Controls?

Understand the computerized controls in a commercial fryer.

commercial fryer

Part 5: What else do I need to purchase?

Get all the right accessories for your new commercial fryer unit.