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Part 3:
Choosing the Right Flatware for Your Business

Choosing the Right Flatware for Your Business

Purchasing flatware might seem like a complicated process, but with the proper information at hand guiding someone through, it can be a fun and informative venture. Below is a list of practical tips restaurant operators may reference to when choosing their flatware:

Select your style

Style is probably the biggest factor that comes into play when prospective restaurant operators buy flatware for their clientele. Every customer has his or her own unique sense of style. Such operators should identify the taste of their establishment before deciding on what products they think will suit the customers.

The first thing a prospective shopper will look for when buying their flatware is the design of the product. Whether it is a traditional or modern style with round or flat handles and a brushed or polished finish, one should choose utensils that are most comfortable to them.

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Understand the product

Shopping for flatware should not end with style. Keep from spending too much money on overpriced, visually appealing flatware that does not last. One must pay attention to a product’s manufacturing quality. Stainless steel flatware is always a popular option because it is known for its long-lasting, durable and economical qualities.

If properly cared for, stainless steel products will last for years without showing signs of wear. One should understand the difference between 18/0 and 18/10 grade stainless steel products. Both of these numbers not only reflects what a stainless steel product is made of, but how much luster and rust resistance it will have.

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Get the right balance and weight

Handling your flatware should never be a chore. Before making a buying decision, know the balance and weight of the product by holding in and feeling it in your hand. Make sure the flatware fits your comfort level.

To note, European-style flatware is generally about three times bigger and three times heavier than traditional stainless flatware. Medium weight products are more economical than heavy-weight ones because they are affordable and flimsy.

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Match your dinnerware

Before making any buying decisions, make sure the flatware you choose will compliment the dinnerware being used. Think about whether or not the flatware will be used daily or used only for specific occasions.

Modern-style forks, knives and spoons might not look best with a more traditional tabletop setting, or vice versa. Complement your dinnerware with what will look and feel the best. Make sure to buy the same quantities of flatware settings for every dinnerware setting you plan on having.

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