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What Size Commercial Dishwasher Unit Do You Need?

When selecting a commercial dishwasher, it is important to select a machine that will suit your establishment's needs.

Commercial Dishwasher Type Maximum Racks Per Hour
Undercounter Dishwashers 35
Door-Type Dishwashers 80
Conveyer Dishwashers 400
Flight Dishwashers 8,000+(dishes per hour)
Glasswashers 2,000+(glasses per hour)

Typical Turn Rate per Restaurant Type
The turn rate is an estimate of how often you clear dishes from a table and coincides with how long your customers are seated. The following offers an estimate of typical turn rates:

  • Fine dining establishments will turn a table every 2 hours
  • Fast-casual restaurants turn a table in 1 hour
  • Quick-serve restaurants usually turn a table in 30 minutes

Less than 400 Racks per Hour
Small to medium sized commercial kitchens will either need an undercounter, door-type or conveyor dishwasher. Each of these commercial dishwashers uses warewashing racks to hold the wares in place while wash arms clean and sanitize the dishes.

More than 400 Racks per Hour
Flight dishwashers calculate their capacity using dishes per hour, because the dishware is placed directly onto the conveyor. You will want to look at purchasing a flight dishwasher if you need to wash more than 8,000 dishes per hour.

Large Amounts of Glassware
Bars bring beverage refills in a fresh glass every time. This will increase the amount of glassware that an establishment needs to wash. If your restaurant handles a lot of glassware, you may want to invest in a glasswasher. A glasswasher uses low water pressure to prevent breakage.

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