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What Options and Accessories are Available for My Commercial Dishwasher?

What Options and Accessories are Available for My Commercial Dishwasher?

There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial convection refrigerator. Speak with your Account Manager to learn more about adding on the accessories or options below:


Booster Heaters
If you purchase a high temperature dishwasher, be sure to see whether or not the booster heater is included. These miniature water heaters are a necessity for all high-temp machines. Booster heaters assure that the final rinse water is between 180 and 195 °F, the temperature range required for hot water sanitization.

Food Waste Disposers
Food waste disposers grind food scraps into a pulp that is easily flushed down the drain. Similar to residential garbage disposers, food waste disposers help increase the efficiency of a commercial kitchen’s dishwashing operation.

Pre-Rinse Units
Pre-rinse units help reduce the necessity for re-washing. Simply attach a pre-rinse unit to your soiled dishtable and instruct employees to scrap all excess food into the trash can, and then spray the dishware to remove any other residue before placing the dishes into the dishwasher.

Warewashing Racks
Warewashing racks are a necessity when using a commercial dishwasher. Standard-sized dish machines will accept a 20” x 20” dish rack. Peg, flat-bottom and glass racks will allow employees to sort different types of dishes and gain the most efficient cleaning arrangement. Be sure to properly size your glass racks to reduce breakage.

Placed in line with door-type or conveyor dishwashers, dishtables allow dish room workers to optimize their tasks by loading and unloading dish racks while the dishwasher is running through a wash cycle.

Some local health departments require that a kitchen hood (Link to kitchen hood landing page) be placed over the dishwasher to draw off any excess steam and heat to reduce heat-related illnesses and steam damage in the dish room.

Dish Carts
Reduce the strain and sprain hazards your employees face by purchasing dish carts that allow them to stack a large number of dishes in a single trip. Dish carts also help reduce the risk of breakage.

Chemical Test Strips
Especially important for those using low temperature dishwashers, chemical test strips assure that the sanitizer concentration is high enough to properly kill all germs, but low enough to not pose a health risk to customers.

Continuous Conveyor Systems
Large food service establishments, like hospitals and college dining halls, will benefit from a continuous conveyor system. Placed in-line with your conveyor dishwasher, continuous conveyors allow workers to quickly pre-rinse, load and unload warewashing racks.

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