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Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Operation

Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Operation

Determine what type of commercial dishwasher you need.
Determine the type of commercial dishwasher by assessing the types of dishes and glasses your operation will clean on a daily basis. Glasswashers are built for washing mainly glasses and are ideal for a bar setting, while door-type dishwashers may be best for a typical commercial kitchen.

Select the size that will accommodate your commercial kitchen.
When sizing your commercial dishwasher, determine the amount of dishes you need to wash on a daily basis, and how many dish racks your machine will be able to handle per hour. This also depends on how many tables your operation is turning each hour and how many dishes you will need to have available.

Understand the difference between high temp and low temp machines.
Commercial dishwashers come in high temp and low temp versions. There are pros and cons to each, although it is important to check with your local health codes before buying to be sure whatever type of equipment you have will accommodate the codes in your location.

Decide if you will need any additional equipment with your dishwasher.
Additional dishwashing supplies or accessories maybe be important for your equipment purchase. It depends on things like whether you purchase a high or low temp machine, if you require a dishtable setup in your dish room, and if your operation could use a bus cart to transport dirty dishes. Speak with an Account Manager if you have questions or concerns about additional equipment.