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Commercial Dishwashers Buying Guide

commercial kitchen dish washing area

Part 1: What are Commercial Dishwashers?

Understand the definition of what separates a commercial dishwasher from a residential dishwasher.

kitchen employee working in dish washing area.

Part 2: Why are Commercial Dishwashers Important to You?

Understand the benefits of owning and using a commercial dishwasher in your operation.

kitchen employee using a commercial dishwasher

Part 3: What Will a Commercial Dishwasher Provide for Your Restaurant?

Learn about the benefits of including a commercial dishwasher to your professional kitchen layout.

Part 4: How Do You Know if You Need a Commercial Dishwasher?

Short on staff or time? Commercial dishwashers tackle dirty dishes for a variety of food service providers.

door-type dishwasher

Part 5: What are the Different Types of Commercial Dishwashers?

Available in sizes big and small, commercial dishwashers have various configurations to meet the needs of every food service establishment. Take a look at the highlights and benefits of each type of commercial dishwasher.

commercial dishwashing area

Part 6: How Do High Temperature Dishwashers Compare to Low-Temperature Dishwashers?

Learn the pros and cons of high temperature and low temperature commercial dishwashers.

glass washing rack

Part 7: What Size Commercial Dishwasher Unit Do You Need?

Use our calculator to find out the number of racks you need per hour and learn how to choose a commercial dishwasher that will meet the needs of your establishment.

commercial dishwashing area

Part 8: What Options and Accessories are Available for My Commercial Dishwasher?

Do you know what a booster heater provides or how a pre-rinse unit can benefit your dishwashing operation? Learn about the options and accessories that are available to optimize your commercial dishwasher.

Part 9: What Else to Consider When Selecting a Commercial Dishwasher

Know the life expectancy, warranty information and total weight of your new commercial dishwashing unit.

Part 10: Four Steps to Selecting the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Operation

Select your next commercial dishwasher with confidence and get the results your establishment needs.

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