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Setting the Table

Restaurant Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates
Dinner plates hold the main event for evening dinners or restaurants serving large main courses all day long. Dinner plates come in a large range of sizes, with the most popular size for entrées ranging between 10 and 12 inches in diameter. For smaller portions such as appetizers and tapas-style service, look for a plate within the range of 8 to 9 inches. Plates that are larger than 12 inches are perfect for unique plating presentations, leaving the chef plenty of room to craft beautiful displays.

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Restaurant Lunch Plate

Luncheon Plates
Luncheon plates are a little smaller than dinner plates and are ideal for serving smaller portion sizes that are typical of lunch menus. These dishes usually have a 9 inch diameter and can also double as salad, dessert or appetizer plates for restaurants on a tighter budget.

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restaurant salad plate

Salad and Dessert Plates
Salad and dessert plates are more versatile than their name suggests. These smaller plates are typically between 4 and 8 inches in diameter and can be used to serve side dishes, desserts, appetizers and small breakfast items.

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Bread and Butter Plates

Bread and Butter Plates
A bread and butter plate is essential to any restaurant serving fresh baked goods. These plates measure about 6 inches wide and are brought to the table during bread service. When selecting a bread and butter plate for your restaurant, consider the type of bread you serve. For restaurant with bread sticks, a longer plate may be needed, while small rolls would only require the standard 6-inch size.

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soup bowl with handle

Soup Bowls
Soup bowls are most often referred to by their capacity in ounces and are typically purchased in 8 or 12 ounce sizes. Select a soup bowl that matches your menu and dinnerware style. French onion soup, thick chili and smaller pot pies work perfectly in a soup crock or soup bowl with handles. Wider soup bowls are ideal for broth or cream-based soups.

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pasta bowl

Pasta Bowls
Pasta bowls offer your customers the best presentation for all of your pasta dishes. Ceramic pasta bowls hold heat extremely well and are perfect for hot pasta dishes. The durable nature of melamine pasta bowls works well for children’s dishes such as mac and cheese. Melamine bowls are also a good choice for healthcare and education facilities as they are easy to stack and lightweight to carry.

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cereal bowl

Cereal Bowls
Ranging from about 10 to 16 ounces in capacity, cereal bowls are made to properly serve dry and hot cereal. These bowls are available in a variety of shapes and styles. Square cereal bowls pair well with modern décor while round cereal bowls take up less space on a table or tray. Ceramic cereal bowls are heavier and retain heat very well. Metal, plastic and melamine cereal bowls are very durable and are optimal for healthcare facilities and schools.

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cups and saucers

Cups and Saucers
Cup and saucer sets are ideal for restaurants offering hot tea or specialty coffee drinks.  Available in smaller capacities under 4 ounces for espresso drinks and up to oversized capacities of 10 ounces for frothy cappuccinos, cup and saucer sets match perfectly for a complete presentation. When shopping for cups and saucers, match the overall style and feel of your dinnerware for a continuous look in your table setting.

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