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Commercial Cutlery Buying Guide

chef's knife on cutting board

Part 1: Parts of a Knife

The tip is the front part of the blade and does most of the cutting and separating. Knives with a pointed tip are used to easily pierce food and cut very small portions. Rounded tips produce better contact between the food and blade, ideal when cutting or slicing into very thin servings.

knives on a magnetic rack

Part 2: Guide to Knife Types

Here is a plethora of different knife types available for food service establishments. Each knife has a specific use, and it is important to use each piece of commercial cutlery only for its intended purpose. Listed below are the most common knife types found in commercial kitchens:

Chef's knife cutting into a cookie

Part 3: Guide to Knife Blade Types

Learn about the different knife edges available, how each type of edge works and what type of cutting each edge is best suited for.

collection of Santoku knives in prep area

Part 4: Knife Handle Materials

Explore the options of knife handle types and choose the construction that is best suited for your hand and job duties.

knife block

Part 5: Forged vs Stamped Knives

What's the difference between forged and stamped knives? Learn about what these product descriptions mean and what that means for your intended application.

Part 6: Comparing Types of Knife Steel

Learn about the differences between carbon steel, stainless steel and high carbon steel knives.

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