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What Types of Catering Equipment Do You Need?


When purchasing catering equipment, it is best to begin with considering whether you will be working with seated dinners, buffet-style dinners or both.

Next, calculate the average size of your largest booking and whether or not you will need to transport your food to the event.

Seated Special Event Caterer without Venue Buffet Caterer with Venue Buffet Caterer without Venue How Many Do You Need?
(Calculations for a 25 Guest Dinner Event)
Pan Carriers YES NO YES One Carrier with Capacity for (4) 2.5 inch Steam Table Pans
Beverage Carriers YES NO YES Enough to hold 800 ounces of cold beverages and 300 ounces of coffee
Ice Caddies YES NO YES 100 pound capacity
Chafing Dishes NO YES YES Enough to hold (4) 2.5 inch Steam Table Pans, for 2 main dishes and 2 side dishes
Hot Plates or Induction Cookers Optional Optional Optional One per menu item you plan to make on the spot
Fountains Optional Optional Optional One fountain, smallest size: Chocolate: 4 pound capacity, Champagne: 4 gallon capacity
Carving Stations NO YES YES One
Furniture Optional YES Optional One buffet table, 5 seating tables, 25 chairs

For more information, see How to Cater for a Party of 25.

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