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What are the Different Types of Fountains?

Fountains are portable and designed for decoration as well as function. They use electricity, so you’ll want to make sure that you will have an outlet near your buffet table. There are two main kinds of fountains:

Chocolate Fountains are used for chocolate fondue and range in capacity from to 20 pounds. They can have 3 to 4 tiers and are designed to keep the chocolate at the right temperature so that it continues to flow throughout theevening. They can also be used for cheese fondue.

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Champagne or Punch Fountains range in capacity from 3 to 7 gallons and make for excellent decorative additions to the buffet table. One important thing to consider is that they do not cool the liquid, and therefore ice is necessary. This can be problematic with champagne if it will be sitting out for a long time.

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