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What are the Different Types of Chafing Dishes?

Chafing Dishes
Chafing Dishes are used to keep food hot on the buffet table, and come in a variety of attractive sizes and shapes. They range in capacity from 4 to 10.5 quarts. They also come with a variety of covers: hinged, removable and roll-top.

Rectangular chafing dishes are typically used for entrees, and they use between one and two canisters of chafing dish fuel, also referred to as scanned heat.

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Round chafing dishes are typically used for desserts or side dishes. They provide the most even heating, as all sides are equidistant from the central heat source.

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Soup chafing dishes provide a more elegant option for catering than soup kettles. They range in capacity from 7-11 quarts and keep soup piping hot.

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