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Understanding Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Understanding Restaurant Equipment

Heavy Duty Equipment

There are several key pieces of equipment in most commercial kitchens that do the majority of the heavy lifting during day to day operations. Modern restaurant equipment can be surprisingly complex. But selecting the right equipment does not have to be a chore. Learn what to look for with these helpful guides.
  • Commercial Ice Machines Buying Guide
    Did you know that certain ice can improve your profits? From classic cubes to chewy nugget ice, learn how to choose the best ice machine for your business.
  • Commercial Dishwashers Buying Guide
    Commercial dishwashers are available in a variety of types and sizes. Alleviate the daunting task of searching through hundreds of units and use this guide to find the best dishwasher and accessories for your operation.
  • Commercial Refrigeration Buying Guide
    The right kind of cold storage is vital to a successful food service business. Learn all about commercial refrigeration and how to select the right equipment for your operation.
  • Commercial Convection Ovens Buying Guide
    Short on time or staff and have a large amount of food to bake? A commercial convection oven can help with that. Understand what a commercial convection is and learn about the benefits it can provide for your kitchen.
  • Commercial Ranges Buying Guide
    Commercial ranges are a staple in professional kitchens. With a variety of models and options available, it can seem overwhelming to find the right one. Check out our commercial range buying guide to help zero in on the perfect range for your food service business.
  • Commercial Fryers Buying Guide
    From Twinkies to potatoes and many more creative recipes in between, the commercial fryer is a staple in a majority of professional kitchens. Use this buying guide to gain knowledge about the types of units available and select the best commercial fryer for your professional kitchen.
  • Warming & Holding Equipment Buying Guide
    Food safety is paramount for a successful food service business. Keep cooked foods warm and gently heat up cold foods with the right warming and holding equipment.
  • Commercial Steamers Buying Guide
    Commercial steamers provide healthy and efficient methods of cooking. Learn about the advantages of using a steamer and if it is right for your business.
  • Commercial Ovens Buying Guide
    Learn all about the different types of commercial ovens in this informative buying guide.
  • Commercial Prep Table Buying Guide
    Prep tables are essential in any commercial kitchen, but one size does not fit all. Discover to choose the perfect prep table for your kitchen.
  • Commercial Combi Oven Buying Guide
    Combi ovens are making their way into commercial kitchens all over the country. If you are considering a combi oven for your kitchen, see what you need for a successful purchase.
  • Commercial Pizza Oven Buying Guide
    An overview of available pizza ovens, their pros and cons, and what to consider when investing in one.

NSF Approved

Look for a blue NSF sticker on restaurant equipment. If the item has not been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, it is not suitable for commercial foodservice. Hefty fines can be levied by inspectors who find non-NSF approved restaurant equipment.

Light Duty Equipment

Don't let the name fool you. Light duty equipment is just as reliable and plays a critical supporting role in any full service kitchen.
  • Countertop Cooking Equipment Buying Guide
    From microwaves to cheese melters, learn about the various type of countertop cooking equipment that can help add versatility to any foodservice operation.
  • Concession Equipment Buying Guide
    Hot dogs, nachos and popcorn are not just for the ball park. Learn how concession equipments quick service turns can help increase sales and profits.
  • Food Prep Buying Guide
    Having the proper food preparation supplies can save you time and money. Learn how a full line of food prep tools can improve your efficiency.
  • Storage and Transport Buying Guide
    Storage and transport strategies are an intergral part of any organized kitchen. Learn the importance of everything from shelving to dish carts in this guide.
  • Catering Supplies Buying Guide
    Caterers act as both chefs and event planners, so there is a lot to think about when starting a catering business. Learn all about what kinds of supplies caterers need to get started.
  • Catering Equipment Buying Guide
    Caterers have a lot of planning to do without worrying about whether or not they've purchased the right equipment. Find out all you need to know about catering equipment before you buy.
  • Food Processor Buying Guide
    An in-depth look at the types of food processors available, their differences and which one is right for your business.

Understanding Restaurant Supplies

Dining Room Supplies

They may be smaller and less expensive but smallwares are no less important to your foodservice operation. Choosing the right supplies can help improve the efficiency of your business and set the right tone for your customers.
  • Commercial Cutlery Buying Guide
    Cutlery is one of the broadest, most important kitchen tool categories. With all of the available choices, making a purchasing decision can be a daunting task. Before selecting a set of commercial cutlery, take a moment to learn some of the basics.
  • Glassware Buying Guide
    The right glassware can set the mood in your bar or dining room. Learn how different types of glassware can best support your business and leave a great first impression on your guests.
  • Commercial Flatware Buying Guide
    Not all flatware is equal. Styles, designs, weight and overall finish can have substantial impact on the longevity, appearance and overall feel. Learn what flatware suits your operation best.
  • Commercial Dinnerware Buying Guide
    From melamine to china and in the options in between, learn how to select the right dinnerware for your business.
  • Bar Service Buying Guide
    A typical bar has dozens of necessary supplies. Learn how different types of bartender tools, blenders and glasswashers can help your bar become efficient and profitable.

Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Convenience is the name of the game in disposables. Learn how disposable dinnerware, cups and carryout containers can help your takeout business to thrive.

Restaurant Auction Tips

Remember, auction products are sold as is. Since there is no warranty, do not bid if you have the least bit of doubt. Once you win an item you are responsible for paying for it regardless of the condition.

What's a Shill?

A "shill" is a person that works for the auction house but is disguised as a bidder. Auction houses use these people to drive prices up. Be wary of someone who bids often and then drops out after a certain price stage. This is a sure sign that shill is in the audience.

Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

A clean kitchen requires a well-equipped janitorial staff. Learn about the wide variety of brooms, bristles, scrubbers and mops that will keep your kitchen sparkling.
  • Janitorial Equipment and Supplies Buying Guide
    Clean up your food service business with the right tools for the job. Polish up on your knowledge of janitorial equipment and supplies with this easy to follow buying guide.
  • Restaurant Chemicals Buying Guide
    From front of house to back of house, this guide will help you understand which chemicals you need and why. Keep your commercial kitchen clean, sparkly, and in tip top shape.

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