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Guide to Bar Supplies and Tools | FSW Restaurant Supply

Guide to Bar Supplies and Tools | FSW Restaurant Supply

cocktail With the right tools on hand, bartenders can make drinks faster, while using the correct amount of liquor, mixture and garnish. After you have picked your drink menu, stock up on the supplies you will need make drinks for your customers.

Bar Supply Essentials

Whether you're a speciality brew pub or a high-end cocktail bar, ever establishment needs the basics.

 bar garnish holder

Garnish Holders

For safely and effectively holding fruit and olive garnishes, use a condiment holder. Also, grab a holder for napkins, straws, toothpicks and cocktail umbrellas.



Use tongs to dole out individual pieces of ice for drinks. Also use them to pick up garnish such as olives, cherries, orange slices or lemon wedges.

bar spoon

Bar Spoons

Use these long handled spoons to stir tall drinks, and to add dollops of whipped cream to mixed drink concoctions and café beverages. In high end bars, these spoons are used for tasting, so that the bartender can ensure that he made a proper cocktail for customers

Can Punches

For cans of fruit juice or tomato juice, use a can punch to get into them in a hurry.

Beer Service

For bars that serve beer, be sure to have the right refrigeration for proper service. You may need all of the refrigeration units below, or just one or two depending on your operation. Determine whether or not you want to have all of your beer options on tap, all in bottles, or a combination of both.

Bottle Openers

For opening beer bottles, be sure to use a bottle opener. Some are handheld while others are mounted on the wall. For ones mounted on the wall, attach a cap catcher underneath.

bottle openers, cap catchers, can punchers

Cap Catchers

Place a cap catcher under your wall mounted bottle opener to save your bartenders the extra step of catching and throwing away the cap.

Liquor and Cocktails

Liquor creates a world of possibilites. Whether it's whiskey neet or a cosmo, these bar tools will keep your bartenders equipped and your patrons happy.



To accurately measure the amount of liquor going into each drink, use a jigger. They come in various sizes and capacities to make sure that you are serving the right amount of alcohol per drink, saving you money.


Pour Spouts

For highly consumed liquors, add pourers to the tops of the bottles to create a steady stream of liquor from the bottle to the glass. Some plastic units have measuring components to them that prevent over pouring of liquor, and loss of profits.

cocktail shakers

Cocktail Shakers

For making cocktails, use a cocktail shaker for superior mixing of drinks. Some units include lids, while others require the use of another cup to cover when mixing.

cocktail strainers

Cocktail Strainers

Use a cocktail strainer to keep the ice out of your cocktail glass when pouring from your mixing glass or cocktail shaker.

glass rimmers

Glass Rimmers

To coat the rim of your cocktail glasses in salt or sugar, use a glass rimmer. Just wet the glass on the sponge portion of the rimmer, then dip in the salt or sugar.

lemon lime peelers

Lemon-Lime Squeezers

When lemons and limes are needed for making lots of drinks, use a lemon-lime squeezer to save you some time and energy. Most have a strainer built in to keep seeds from getting into your drinks.

Lemon-Lime Peelers

For peeling lemons and limes, use a lemon-lime peeler. Then use the lemon or lime zest to garnish your cocktails. Also, save the lemon rind for making beverages like lemon chello.



When crushing up fruit and herbs for a cocktail, use a muddler. These are great to use when making mojitos.

Wine Service

Pairing wine with food can open new flavors and draw new customers. Pairing wine with fun atmosphere guarantees it. If you're serving wine, be sure to stock up on the essentials.



For opening wine bottles, be sure to have a reliable commercial wine corkscrew. Commercial grade is important, as your bar will certainly open more wine bottles than your residential opener is designed to open.



For pouring drinks into decanters or smaller pitchers or bottles, use a funnel. They come in plastic and stainless steel. For beverages that need straining, pick a funnel that has a built in strainer for keeping out ice and other larger items from the liquid.

Bar Supplies Per 100 Customers

Item Number Needed to Serve 100 people
Cocktail Shakers 6
Cocktail Strainers 3
Glass Rimmers 2 (one for salt, one for sugar)
Jiggers 6
Pour Spouts 72
Tongs 2 (one for ice, one for fruit)
Lemon-Lime Squeezers 2
Lemon-Lime Peelers 2
Muddlers 2
Bar Spoons 144 for high end bars
Funnels 3
Garnish Caddies 2
Corkscrews 4
Bottle Openers 4
Cap Catchers 1
Can Punches 1

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