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Restaurant Marketing Glossary

Restaurant Marketing Glossary
The process of comparing one’s own product and services to the competition’s product and services, with the ultimate goal of improving one’s product and beating out the competition.

Buy one get one free.

A promotion that offers customers an incentive to return and make another purchase in the near future.

The use of marketing messages and designs to promote consumer awareness of and loyalty to a brand.

Contribution margin
The difference between the sale price of a product or service and the costs needed to produce and provide those products and services.

A marketing tactic that encourages customers to purchase products or services that are complementary or related to the ones they are already purchasing.

Statistics that highlight the characteristics of a group of consumers.

Direct marketing
A marketing strategy that sends promotional materials directly to prospective customers, whether through mail, email, texts or telemarketing.

Domain name
An internet address, usually followed by ".com," ".edu," ".net" or ".org," used to identify the location of a series of webpages or URLs.

A marketing tactic in which a cheaper product or service is suggested as an alternative to a more expensive product or service.

Environmental analysis
An evaluation of the conditions near a location and the ways in which external forces and factors could influence the profitability of an enterprise.

Fortified wine
A wine - such as sherry, port or Madeira - with brandy or another distilled alcohol added to halt fermentation or increase the alcohol content of the wine.

Guerrilla marketing
The use of unconventional or underground marketing tactics that involve little or no costs to implement.

Late-harvest wine
Wine made of grapes that have been picked from the vine later than usual, resulting in sweetness and a high level of residual sugar.

Local store marketing
A marketing strategy that targets the customers that live in the trading area or near the vicinity of a business.

Loyalty marketing
A marketing strategy that focuses on attracting and creating repeat customers that are loyal to the brand.

Marketing assessment
An evaluation of the success or failure of a business’s marketing techniques.

Marketing database
A collection of contact information and behavioral data for past and potential customers.

Market segment
A group of people that share one or more qualities that cause them to have similar consumer needs.

Market segmentation
Analyzing the market by dividing the market into segments and determining which segments you are most likely to attract and which segments would complement each other well.

Molecular gastronomy
The application of science and chemistry to food preparation and the culinary arts.

Perceived value
As opposed to the actual "market value," the amount any given customer perceives something to be worth, or the benefit a customer gains from a product.

Personal selling
Marketing and promoting a product or service to customers through direct personal communication, either face-to-face or through other direct forms of contact.

Point of Purchase (POP)
The physical location where the customers are when they pay for products or services.

Point of Sale (POS)
The physical location where the sellers are when products or services are sold to customers.

The identity or image of a business or company as perceived by the target market, or how the product or services fit in the market relative to the competition.

PPC advertisement
Pay-per-click advertisement; a form of Internet advertising in which advertisers only pay each time a user clicks on the advertisement’s link.

Characteristics of a given population as related to personality, beliefs, values or lifestyle.

Social Networking Potential (SNP)
A representation of the size of an individual’s social network and his or her power of influence over that network.

Someone trained in all aspects of wine, including the storage and service of wine as well as wine and food pairings.

Suggestive selling
A method of selling in which the seller attempts to increase the value of the sale by suggesting a complementary product or service.

Acidic compounds found in wine, especially in red wine, that give the wine an astringent, or biting, taste.

Target marketing
A marketing principle in which a population is divided into segments sharing one or more traits and marketing efforts are focused on one or a few key market segments, or target markets.

Trading area
The geographical area from which a businesses customers are drawn.

A marketing strategy in which the salespeople try to add more sales of products or services to a customer’s original purchase in order to increase the average check size.

Viral marketing
Marketing tactics that use pre-existing social and professional networks to spread brand awareness and create a “buzz” about a business and its products or services.

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