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Restaurant Egg Safety: Storing, Preparing and Serving

Restaurant Egg Safety: Storing, Preparing and Serving

Guide to Egg Safety | FSW Restaurant Supply
Omelette in frying pan reported that “From May 1 to September 14, 2010, over 1,600 reported cases of Salmonella Enteritidis infections were associated with contaminated shell eggs.” (Source) Keep illness at bay in your restaurant with these tips on storing, preparing and serving eggs safely.


Know how to store an egg or egg product in either raw or cooked form and keep your customers safe from Salmonella poisoning. This egg storage chart from is a great resource for egg storage temperatures and times. The chart covers everything from the basic egg and egg substitutes to finished egg products like pies, quiches and custards. In addition to these guidelines, take the following precautions when handling eggs in storage areas:

• Clean up broken eggs in storage areas immediately and thoroughly. 
• Wash hands between handling raw egg product and other food products.


To ensure that the customer’s order is tasty and safe, cook egg products thoroughly. For recipes that include raw or undercooked egg product such as custards or homemade mayonnaise, consider implementing the following:

• Cook the eggs with other liquid ingredients until the mixture reaches a temperature of 160°F and then continue with the recipe as instructed.
• Use pasteurized eggs or a liquid egg substitute in place of raw natural eggs.


Knowing the time limits for serving eggs is just as important as tracking storage and preparation techniques. Ensure that all of your health and safety precautions remain intact in the final product with these tips:

• Serve egg dishes as soon as they are cooked. Make egg orders a pick-up priority at the server window. 
• Watch the clock for eggs served on a buffet. Throw away eggs that have been at room temperature for longer than two hours. (Source)  

Stay on the sunny side of food safety and practice safe handling procedures when cooking with eggs. Follow the storage guidelines and implement safe preparation and serving practices in your restaurant.

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