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Equipment Tips & Advice

Learn About Food Service Equipment for Healthcare Facilities

Enhance your health care facility's kitchen with the right food service equipment and supplies.

On the Menu

Menu Tips and Ideas for Your Healthcare Facitlity

Keep your menu on trend without sacrificing nutrition or special diet requests.
  • Liquid Diet Ideas and Equipment
    A liquid diet can be difficult both for patients and for kitchen staff. Look here to learn more about liquid diet ideas as well as the necessary equipment.
  • Low-Sodium Seasoning Ideas and Recipes
    Low-sodium diets can be restrictive for patients and hospital kitchen staff alike. However, providing a tasty and ever-changing menu for low-sodium patients is far from impossible!
  • Soft Foods Diet Ideas
    Soft diets, though not as limiting as liquid diets, can be difficult to maintain. Look here for ideas and inspiration on how to keep up with a soft foods diet.
  • Therapeutic Diets: An Overview
    Most healthcare facility kitchen operators have to deal at one time or another with a patient's prescribed therapeutic diet. Here is an overview of the different types of therapeutic diets, and what kinds of patients might be prescribed them.

Health Care Food Service Industry Trends

Learn About the Latest Health Care Food Service Trends

Keep your cafeteria, room service or residential meal program fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends in health care food service.

Kitchen Design and Management

Create a Kitchen that Works for Your Facility

Put the right people and elements in place, to develop a kitchen that advances your health care facility's food service program.

Profiles in Health Care Food Service

Building Communities One Kitchen at a Time

Learn about how winning health care food service programs meet their community's needs and expectations.

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