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Going Green in Your Commercial Kitchen: First Steps

Going Green in Your Commercial Kitchen: First Steps
Going Green in Your Commercial Kitchen: First Steps

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Going green will save you money, increase your customer loyalty and reputation in the community. Rather than randomly doing a few green practices, there are a few simple steps to take that will help you save the most money and operate a truly green commercial kitchen.

Get Assessed

The first and most important step to going green is to get an assessment. Rather than stumbling blindly, assessments help determine the methods that will save the most money.

  • Habit Assessment. This type of assessment looks for the daily practices that can be changed to save money and resources.
  • Energy Assessment. Someone from the utilities company can help you identify where you are needlessly wasting energy. 
  • Water Assessment. Leaky plumbing fixtures are only sending your money down the drain. A water assessment will determine where the most money can be saved.
  • Waste Assessment. Performing a waste assessment will help you determine the types and quantities of materials being thrown out. Once you know what is being wasted, you can determine how you can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Make the Commitment

Becoming truly sustainable is an on-going process that requires time and dedication by both yourself and your staff. The most successful green restaurants are those always exploring new eco-friendly alternatives.

Make Changes

Whether you start small or go all out, the following changes can make a big difference in how your commercial kitchen impacts the environment every day.

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