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Green-Education Basics for Your Commercial Kitchen

What is greenwashing and what do all the seals and certifications mean on green products? Learn the answers to these questions and more with this informative collection of articles.

Energy Conservation Tips

Knowledge for a More Efficient Commercial Kitchen

Learn all about what equipment will save you money in the long-term and how to reap immediate savings on your utility bill today.
  • Charbroilers: Bright Broiling Tips
    Reducing preheat times, properly ventilating and keeping the burners clean are just a few energy-saving tips you can use to make the most profit from your commercial charbroiler.
  • Energy Assessments for the Commercial Kitchen
    The best way to save energy in a commercial kitchen is to make energy-efficient changes in the right places. Learn how an energy assessment can put you on the path toward saving money.
  • Energy-Efficient Hoods in the Commercial Kitchen
    A properly working hood can save you a startling amount of money. Learn how to design an energy-efficient kitchen ventilation system to reduce the strain on your equipment and your employees.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen
    Lighting can account for nearly 13% of your restaurant’s energy bill. With more energy efficient lighting, saving money can be as simple as changing the light bulb
  • Fluorescent Lighting: The Benefits of T8 Over T12
    Short of turning out all the lights, installing T8 fluorescent light bulbs in your establishment will cut down on energy usage and save money in the long run.
  • Fryers: Efficient Frying is Essential
    From keeping the fryer elements clean to maintaining proper oil temperature, fryers perform better when they are maintained and used accordingly. Extraordinary savings are available when you commit to efficient frying.
  • Griddles: Grab a Green Griddle
    Features like insulation, heat controls and electric power can make a big difference in how efficiently your griddle performs. Choosing a griddle with energy-saving features can save you a bundle in excessive costs.
  • Heated Cabinets: Heat Up the Savings
    Heated cabinets often operate for hours on end, using lots of energy to keep food at safe temperatures. To save more on your energy bill, consider some of these tips to help conserve heat and save energy with your heated cabinets.
  • Ice Machines: Freeze Your Energy Expenditure
    Learn what you can do to conserve water and electricity with an energy-efficient ice machine. From purchasing an eco-friendly machine to operating and maintaining it accordingly, check our tips for more cool suggestions.
  • Investing in Green Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen
    With skyrocketing energy bills, it is important to plan ahead when purchasing new restaurant equipment. Take a look at how much money you can save each year when purchasing an energy-efficient model.
  • Leaking Ducts Leak Profits
    Duct work can shift with any work done to your ceiling. If your restaurant is more than a few years old, there’s a good chance that there is a duct leak somewhere leaking your profits
  • Ovens: Operate Your Oven Wisely
    Learn what you can do to minimize energy loss and keep your profits piping hot. Regular maintenance and simple operational changes can make a big difference in overall energy costs.
  • Ranges: Tips for Efficient Use and Care for Your Commercial Range
    Reducing preheat times, properly ventilating and loading foods efficiently all contribute to a greener commercial range. Check here for some valuable maintenance tips to help you get the most from your range.
  • Refrigeration: Chilled Out Energy Savings for Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer
    Learn what operational techniques and maintenance changes you can implement in your commercial kitchen to ensure that your commercial freezer or refrigerator functions at its most energy-efficient level.
  • Retrofitting Your Commercial Kitchen to Save Energy
    It may be too expensive to replace all of your low-efficiency equipment, but there are other ways to cut energy costs. Learn about some easy retrofits with short payback periods.
  • Solar Power for the Commercial Kitchen
    As conventional energy prices rise, energy sources like solar power are becoming attractive alternatives. Find out whether solar power is right for your business.
  • Steamers: Steam Sensibly in Your Commercial Kitchen
    From using steam compartments wisely to simply keeping the doors closed, there are a multitude of tips to keep your commercial steamer operating efficiently. This saves your commercial kitchen energy and money.
  • Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips for the Commercial Kitchen
    If you are looking to take steps toward a greener, more energy-efficient business, first find out which actions will save you the most money on your energy bills.
  • Top 10 Water-Saving Tips for the Commercial Kitchen
    Looking to save water in your commercial kitchen? Look here for ten of the most important suggestions for conserving water—and saving money—in your commercial kitchem.

Water Conservation Tips

Water-Wise Knowledge for Restaurants

Reduce your water bill, conserve your local water supply and keep business running without missing a beat.

Did You Know?

If one gallon represented all the water on earth, the fresh water available for human use would equal only about one tablespoon.

Easy Green Savings

Fix your leaky faucets. Believe it or not, one small drip can add up to over 50,000 gallons in a year, wasting up $350 in water bills.

Did You Know?

Americans make up only 5% of the world’s population, but consume 26% of the world’s energy.


Only offer customers water upon request. For every glass of water served in a restaurant, another two glasses are required for dish washing. With nearly 70 million meals served every day in U.S. restaurants, the potential water savings could stack up to 26 million gallons of water if only one person in four declined the complimentary glassful.

Green Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips for Green Kitchens

It is possible to keep your professional kitchen pest-free and sparkling clean without using chemicals that are harmful for the environment. Learn how to wash away grime, the green way.


"For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death." ~Rachel Carson

Did You Know?

At least 1/3 of cleaning products contain chemicals that are known to cause significant damage to humans or the environment.
"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." ~Dan Quayle

Waste Reduction Tips

Green Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Cut back on the amount of waste your commercial kitchen put out each week. Learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost in your restaurant with these informative articles and how-to guides.

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