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Bar Menu Planning


Creative cocktail recipes, service advice and recommendations on the right glassware - all in one convenient place!
  • Easy Cocktail Recipes
    Learn some of the most traditional and popular cocktail recipes that you can create for guests in your own home.
  • How to Host a Cocktail Party
    Cocktail parties can be a great way to host business associates, reconnecting with old friends or celebrating a special occasion. Learn how to host a memorable cocktail party.

Bar Equipment and Supplies

Bar Equipment

  • Bar Blenders: Glass Vs. Plastic Vs. Stainless Steel
    It's a product comparison three-fer! Learn the differences between glass, plastic and stainless steel bar blenders.
  • Basic Tips for Home Bar Design
    The home bar is a versatile installment. Learn about basic structure and design of the home bar in this first of a four-part series of articles.
  • Choosing a Speed Rail
    An innocuous looking thing, a speed rail or speed rack is one of the most important pieces of bar back equipment. Carefully choosing the location, size and accessories of your speed rail can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your bartenders.
  • Essential Bar Equipment for the Bar or Restaurant
    There are 10 essential items that no bar should be without. Learn what those items are and why they are so important.
  • How to Buy a Bar Blender
    Not all blenders are created equal, and some are better for bars than others. Learn how to choose the blender that makes the most sense for your bar operation.
  • Top 8 Commercial Bar Blenders
    No bar is complete without a commercial bar blender to make mixed drinks. Learn about the 10 most popular bar blenders and select the right one for your business.

Bar Planning and Devlopment

Bar Management

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