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Menu Design

Your menu is one of your most important marketing tools. Learn how to develop, write and design a menu that customers will remember for the right reasons.

Marketing a Healthy Menu

More than 75% of adults look for healthy menu items when they eat out. Learn practical tips for marketing to this segment.

Creating a Kids' Menu

Developing a menu for children is not as easy as it sounds. Learn how to design a menu that is fun, practical and appeals to a child's picky palette.

How to Develop a Restaurant Menu

Your menu will define your restaurant. Make sure that you develop a menu that supports your restaurant’s concept, reduces food costs and maximizes profits.

How to Raise Menu Prices Effectively in Your Restaurant

Volatile market trends can fluctuate food prices in unpredictable patterns. Learn how to secure profitable menu pricing in any economy while maintaining customer loyalty.

How FDA Menu Labeling Affects the Diner's Choices

Learn how to work with the new FDA menu labeling regulations and how to increase business with the health conscious crowd.

Restaurant Menus Dictate Everything (So Choose Wisely)

Learn how to create a menu that is supported by the commercial restaurant equipment available in your kitchen. Once created, keep your menu in tip-top form for a customer-friendly and visually appealing presentation.

How to Start a Theme Restaurant

At a theme restaurant, the food and entertainment are rolled into one. Learn how to start a profitable theme restaurant that will continue to attract customers even after the novelty wears off.

Tips for Creating a Family Atmosphere in Your Restaurant

Creating a family-friendly and child-friendly atmosphere in your establishment is a goal of many restaurateurs. Learn how with these suggestions.

5 Ways to Keep Organic Food on Your Restaurant Menu Year-Round

Restaurants that offer organic food all year long can do so using one or several of these five methods.

Tapping into Digital Technology on Restaurant Menus

A restaurant menu can take many forms. Learn how you can maximize sales from your restaurant menu using digital technology.

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