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Top 10 Restaurant Management Tips

Restaurant management takes responsibility, perseverance and patience, as well as some money sense and time management. Learn our 10 tips for success.

Restaurant Marketing 101

The hardest part about restaurant marketing is knowing where to begin. Start by educating yourself and developing an actionable plan. Learn the proper steps to develop a truly successful marketing strategy.

Restaurant Marketing Glossary

Worried that viral marketing might give you some kind of disease? Learn the meaning of key marketing terms in our easy-to-use Restaurant Marketing Glossary.

8 Marketing Technologies that Affect Customer Restaurant Choices

Consumers are relying on modern technology more and more when selecting places to eat out. Learn about the hot technologies and how restaurants can leverage those technologies to bring customer through the door.

Demographics for Restaurants

The people who live and work around your restaurant likely share certain characteristics. By analyzing their age, income level, size of household and other factors that influence purchasing decisions, you can best decide how to market yourself to them.

Gauging Your Restaurant's Competition

A successful restaurant must always know what the competition is doing in order to survive in the market. Learn how to analyze your competitors and gain an edge over them.

Creating Repeat Customers at Your Restaurant

Repeat customers are your restaurant’s best resource. If you spend the majority of your marketing budget trying to attract new patrons, learn why you should switch tactics to attract the regulars.

Restaurant Marketing Assessments

Do not waste your time or money on marketing that does not work. Learn how to assess the success or failure of your promotions and marketing strategies.

Menu Design

Your menu is one of your most important marketing tools. Learn how to develop, write and design a menu that customers will remember for the right reasons.

Marketing a Healthy Menu

More than 75% of adults look for healthy menu items when they eat out. Learn practical tips for marketing to this segment.

Getting Good Press for a Restaurant

Learn how to keep your restaurant in a positive light within the public eye.

Restaurant Publicity Stunts

Mimic the marketing tactics of larger companies and create a newsworthy story that will put your restaurant on the top of customer's minds.

Top 10 Tips for Marketing a Restaurant in a Downturn Economy

Improve or maintain profits through any economic climate with these quick tips.

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips for Holidays and Special Occasions

Capture audiences looking to celebrate with these targeted advertising tips.

Top 10 Tips for Marketing a Restaurant to Generation Y

Discover tips on how to market to the generation that eats and drinks outside of the home more often than any other age group.

Target Marketing for Restaurants

Different consumers have different tastes, and you cannot market to everyone. Learn how to best develop your marketing strategies to target a specific segment of the population.

Take Out and Delivery Marketing

Customers appreciate the convenience of takeout and delivery services at a restaurant. Learn how to market these operations to ensure that your takeout and delivery business thrives.

Restaurant Merchandise

Selling non-food items is a great way to improve your restaurant’s profits. Find out why you should start selling merchandise, and learn how to begin.

Scheduling Your Restaurant's Opening Day

Everything is in place and you are ready to open the doors for business, but when is the best time to do it? Read about how to use the calendar to your advantage when planning the opening day of your restaurant.

Marketing a Restaurant Grand Opening Event

Your grand opening is the best chance you have for getting people interested in your restaurant. Learn how to host a grand opening that will attract the media and put your restaurant in the spotlight.

Tips for Creating a Family Atmosphere in Your Restaurant

Creating a family-friendly and child-friendly atmosphere in your establishment is a goal of many restaurateurs. Learn how with these suggestions.

Mobile Marketing Techniques that Will Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

Learn more about five of the benefits of mobile marketing of restaurants, and how this can be an effective business-building strategy for your restaurant.

Marketing with Cooking Classes

Bring the kitchen to the front of the house and connect with your customers with a fun and interactive cooking class event.

10 Low-Cost Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Restaurant marketing can be expensive. Luckily, there are marketing strategies that are less-expensive and just as effective.

Smart Restaurant Design and Branding

Use consumer psychology, visual displays and creative packaging to reinforce your customer's positive association with your restaurant's brand.

Restaurant Branding: How to Develop a Brand for Your Restaurant

Learn how to develop your restaurant's brand with these strategic steps.

3 Key Strategies for Improving Word of Mouth Marketing in the Restaurant

Word of mouth marketing is a loyal marketing technique that can reach countless potential customers. Find out how you can improve your word of mouth marketing efforts here.

How to Use Sports-Related Marketing for Your Restaurant

Sports can be a lucrative way to attract customers to your restaurant or bar. Use these strategies to attract all sorts of fans.

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