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Restaurant Marketing Glossary

Worried that viral marketing might give you some kind of disease? Learn the meaning of key marketing terms in our easy-to-use Restaurant Marketing Glossary.

Gauging Your Restaurant's Competition

A successful restaurant must always know what the competition is doing in order to survive in the market. Learn how to analyze your competitors and gain an edge over them.

Creating a Kids' Menu

Developing a menu for children is not as easy as it sounds. Learn how to design a menu that is fun, practical and appeals to a child's picky palette.

Restaurant Publicity Stunts

Mimic the marketing tactics of larger companies and create a newsworthy story that will put your restaurant on the top of customer's minds.

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Get the word out about your restaurant with these tried and true techniques.

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips for Holidays and Special Occasions

Capture audiences looking to celebrate with these targeted advertising tips.

Top 10 Tips for Restaurant Event Marketing

Learn about ways to advertise your restaurant's events to a larger audience.

Top 10 Personal Selling Tips for Restaurants

Connect with customers using personal interaction and create interest in your restaurant.

Top 10 Tips for Marketing a Restaurant to Generation Y

Discover tips on how to market to the generation that eats and drinks outside of the home more often than any other age group.

Green Restaurant Marketing

Going green can get you a lot of business if you know how to promote your eco-friendly qualities. Learn the best way to market yourself as a green leader in your community.

Local Store Marketing for Restaurants

Most of your good customers live within a five mile radius. Implement some personal marketing and PR strategies to become an integral member of the community, and they will thank you with their patronage.

Paid Restaurant Advertising

Restaurants who want to attract tourists or new customers may have a good reason to buy an ad. Learn whether advertising is right for you, as well as how and when to advertise.

Bringing Families to Your Restaurant

Restaurants that hope to attract families should gear their marketing to both parents and children. Learn how to promote family-friendly concepts while keeping everyone happy.

Restaurant Website Development

Every restaurant should have a website. Discover the best ways to develop the content for your restaurant’s webpage.

Restaurant Contests and Giveaways

Giving your customers the chance to participate in a contest or giveaway is a great way to keep them coming to your restaurant. Find out how your establishment can host one.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers will bring their friends and spread the word about your restaurant. Learn how to encourage customer loyalty by rewarding repeat patronage.

Viral Restaurant Marketing

By making use of pre-existing social and professional networks, you can market your restaurant without spending a penny. Learn how to create marketing messages that will spread on their own.

Mobile Marketing Techniques that Will Take Your Restaurant to the Next Level

Learn more about five of the benefits of mobile marketing of restaurants, and how this can be an effective business-building strategy for your restaurant.

Marketing with Cooking Classes

Bring the kitchen to the front of the house and connect with your customers with a fun and interactive cooking class event.

The Power of the Mobile Device For The Restaurant

Smart phones have changed nearly every aspect of the world we live in, including the restaurant industry. Learn how you can use smart phones to drive in customers.

The New Rules for Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Are you using your social media marketing efforts to their fullest? Check out these creative ways to keep your restaurant at the top of what's trending.

5 Essential Reasons Your Restaurant Needs to be on Facebook

Learn the most important reasons for your restaurant to get on Facebook, from expanding your customer base to building a brand.

Trends and Tools for Restaurants in 2013

Knowing the upcoming restaurant trends and having the proper tools will help you flourish in 2013.

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