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Restaurant Marketing 101

The hardest part about restaurant marketing is knowing where to begin. Start by educating yourself and developing an actionable plan. Learn the proper steps to develop a truly successful marketing strategy.

Creating Repeat Customers at Your Restaurant

Repeat customers are your restaurant’s best resource. If you spend the majority of your marketing budget trying to attract new patrons, learn why you should switch tactics to attract the regulars.

Top 10 Tips for Restaurant Event Marketing

Learn about ways to advertise your restaurant's events to a larger audience.

Top 10 Tips for Recovering a Restaurant from a PR Crisis

Turn a damaging moment around with these tips for managing a public relations crisis.

Top 10 Personal Selling Tips for Restaurants

Connect with customers using personal interaction and create interest in your restaurant.

Local Store Marketing for Restaurants

Most of your good customers live within a five mile radius. Implement some personal marketing and PR strategies to become an integral member of the community, and they will thank you with their patronage.

Bringing Families to Your Restaurant

Restaurants that hope to attract families should gear their marketing to both parents and children. Learn how to promote family-friendly concepts while keeping everyone happy.

Attracting Tourists to a Restaurant

The travel and food service industries are closely related. If you are near a tourism hub or hope to attract out-of-towners to your restaurant, discover the best ways to market yourself to tourists.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Restaurant Upselling

Increasing the average customer check size through upselling can always help profits. Find out how you can implement a successful upselling strategy in your restaurant.

Restaurant Website Development

Every restaurant should have a website. Discover the best ways to develop the content for your restaurant’s webpage.

Email Marketing for Restaurants

Email is the most effective media for direct marketing. Learn how to write and design a promotional email and develop a successful email marketing campaign.

Getting the Most from Your Restaurant's Website

Your restaurant’s website should not go unnoticed. Find out about the best ways to design, market and promote your website.

Restaurant Contests and Giveaways

Giving your customers the chance to participate in a contest or giveaway is a great way to keep them coming to your restaurant. Find out how your establishment can host one.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers will bring their friends and spread the word about your restaurant. Learn how to encourage customer loyalty by rewarding repeat patronage.

Bounceback Programs in the Restaurant

Getting people through the door a second time is one of the most difficult steps in creating a loyal customer base. Find out how bouncebacks can turn new customers into repeat customers.

Happy Hour Marketing Promotions

Whether or not your restaurant has a bar, you can use a happy hour promotion to increase customer satisfaction and improve sales during slow hours.

Viral Restaurant Marketing

By making use of pre-existing social and professional networks, you can market your restaurant without spending a penny. Learn how to create marketing messages that will spread on their own.

Tips for Creating a Family Atmosphere in Your Restaurant

Creating a family-friendly and child-friendly atmosphere in your establishment is a goal of many restaurateurs. Learn how with these suggestions.

Tips for Creating Restaurant Advertisements and Promotions

There are several different restaurant advertisement and promotion types to choose from. Learn about successful restaurant ads and promotions and why they work.

10 Low-Cost Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Restaurant marketing can be expensive. Luckily, there are marketing strategies that are less-expensive and just as effective.

Marketing Your Restaurant to Parents

Attract families to your restaurant by marketing directly to busy parents.

Restaurant Branding: How to Develop a Brand for Your Restaurant

Learn how to develop your restaurant's brand with these strategic steps.

5 Tips for Marketing to Teens in the Restaurant

Marketing your restaurant is never simple, and marketing to teens adds a new element entirely. Learn a few tips for marketing and appealing to young people in your restaurant.

Marketing to Senior Citizens in Your Restaurant

Marketing to senior citizens makes good business sense. Learn a few tips for effectively marketing to senior citizens in your restaurant.

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