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Understanding the Restaurant Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement

A restaurant’s profit and loss statement, or P&L, is much like an income statement for the restaurant. This document is an essential report used to summarize income, expenses and inventory, illustrating a restaurant’s total profits and losses over a period of time.

How to Control Labor Costs

Labor is an operational expense in any restaurant. Learn to control your labor cost by improving worker productivity and mindfully scheduling employees to stay within your budget.

Procedures for Power Outages in the Restaurant

Though power outages are fairly common, they could wipe out thousands of dollars in sales and food inventory. Learn what to do in your restaurant in the event of an outage.

Conducting Inventory and Tracking Usage

Count your inventory with confidence and track your food cost with a watchful eye.

Choose Food Vendors and Order Accurately

Choose the right vendor for your food service operation with these great tips. Learn how to negotiate the best deal and how to order the right amount for your inventory.

Receiving Procedures in the Restaurant

Get the most out of every dollar spent and learn how to verify, track and store new inventory purchases.

Resolving Employee Conflicts

Despite your best intentions, not every employee you hire will get along with everyone else. When conflicts arise amongnst workers, employ resolution techniques before taking drastic action.

Sample Interview Questions

Stumped for a good question to ask during an interview? Weed out the most qualified candidates with these tried and true interview questions.

Top 10 Restaurant Management Tips

Restaurant management takes responsibility, perseverance and patience, as well as some money sense and time management. Learn our 10 tips for success.

Procedures for Fires in the Restaurant

Prepare for a fire in your restaurant and keep your customers and employees safe.

Procedures for Employee Injuries/Illnesses in the Restaurant

Accidents happen and so does illness. Have a plan in place to safely assist employees who are injured or ill while on the job.

What to Do if Your Restaurant is Robbed

When your restaurant is robbed, a flood of adrenaline can blur rational thought. Have a plan in place to keep your customers, employees and business safe.

Restaurant Procedure Guidelines for Weather Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Have a plan for the unexpected and keep your customers safe during a weather emergency.

Is Running a Restaurant Right for You?

Before opening a restaurant, ask yourself some simple but key questions to determine if this industry is right for you, and if you are right for the restaurant industry.

10 Careers to Pursue with a Hospitality Management Degree

Whether you are fresh out of school or looking for a new challenge in your career, the hospitality industry offers a variety of paths to choose from.

A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Chef

Working 10-14 hours a day may sound tedious, but for those who love to cook professionally it's just par for the course. Take a glimpse into the typical day of a full-service restaurant chef.

How to Avoid an Appearance on Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares"

Gordon Ramsay is the brash voice of reason in popular restaurant TV. Although he has helped countless restaurants recover from sure disaster, a spot on his show is a sure sign that a lot has already gone wrong in the kitchen.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant managers are expected to perform several duties and have a specific skill set. See if you have what it takes to become a restaurant manger.

Insurance for Restaurants

Plan ahead and protect your business with the right insurance for your food service operation.

Quality is Key at The Cherry Cricket

We sat down with the management of Denver's wildly popular burger destination, The Cherry Cricket, to find out what keeps the crowds of customers flooding through the doors each day.

Successful Catering Tips from Colorado Catering Company

Thinking about starting a catering company of your own? Learn about what it takes to have a successful and mobile food service business.

How to Sell Your Restaurant: Creating an Exit Strategy

Learn how to set up your food service business for a successful transition of ownership.

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