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Health Inspection Basics

Health inspections are designed to protect the dining public from food related illnesses The FDA Food Code outlines specific inspection processes and protocol.

General Health Inspection Grading

Learn all about the rubric for health inspectors and how to "make the grade" when it comes to restaurant inspections.

What To Do During a Restaurant Inspection

Learn how to receive health inspections in your restaurant, and how to improve your health inspection results for next time.

Things Health Inspectors Look For

Learn about what items are on the health inspector's list, including critical and non-critical items.

Types of Restaurant Food Safety Certification

Food safety certification is another way for restaurant owners to protect both customers and their business from the damages caused by food poisoning.

Serving Customers with Food Allergies

Food allergies are an increasing health concern for consumers and restaurants alike. Learn the most common foods that cause allergic reactions and how to serve customers with food allergies.

How Commercial Kitchen Operators Can Obtain a Food Handler's Permit

Food handler's permits are required by the FDA. Learn how to obtain a permit and what the permit means.

Inspections for New Restaurants

A consistent and unique design concept will increase brand awareness and recognition of your restaurant while highlighting your selling points. Learn the best ways to develop branding for your restaurant.

A Short Guide to Restaurant Health and Safety Codes

In order to successfully market your restaurant, you should always be looking around. By analyzing the local market in which you do business, you can determine the best ways to attract customers and beat your direct competition.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Many counties require restaurant owners to have an HACCP plan. Read more to learn how to get your HACCP plan on track and in compliance with regulations.

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