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Articles Tagged 'Restaurant Hazards'

Managing Operational Risks

Running a restaurant is risky business, plain and simple. Learn about some of the ways you can cut down on the operational risks you face as a restaurant owner or operator.

Hazardous Chemicals and Restaurant Safety

The very chemicals used to protect customers from foodborne illnesses can, unfortunately, harm employees. There are several things restaurant managers and employees can do to protect themselves from hazardous chemicals.

Cut Hazards in the Commercial Kitchen

An employee cutting their hand is a danger to everybody in the restaurant. Learn how employees can protect themselves from cuts and what OSHA requires employers to do to minimize the risks.

How to Develop a Hazard Communication Program in Your Restaurant

OSHA requires any restaurant using hazardous chemicals must have a written hazard communication program available to all employees. This ensures that all hazards are clearly and effectively transmitted in order to provide protection to those working with hazardous chemicals.

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