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How to Develop a Restaurant Employee Handbook

Managers should develop an employee handbook to educate workers about policies and procedures, maintain high standards of behavior and protect employee safety.

Procedures for Power Outages in the Restaurant

Though power outages are fairly common, they could wipe out thousands of dollars in sales and food inventory. Learn what to do in your restaurant in the event of an outage.

Managing Employee Meals in the Restaurant

Many restaurants offer their employees meal benefits as an added incentive. Learn the best ways to manage the cost and practice of offering this employee benefit.

How to Reduce Staff Turnover and Improve Employee Retention in Your Restaurant

Employee turnover is a constant concern for many restaurant owners and operators. Learning to retain key employees can improve your business—and expenses—significantly.

Staff Training: Restaurant Server Guidelines

Restaurant servers are the most successful when they have the proper training and support from their managers. Use these guidelines to outline an initial training program for newly hired servers, as well as ongoing training for continued support.

How to Prevent Employee Theft

Up to three percent of annual sales in the average restaurant are lost due to insider theft. Learn how to secure cash and prevent theft in your restaurant before it becomes a problem.

Employee Discipline and Reward System

To maintain order and accountability, managers need to establish a discipline and reward program for employees. Proper policies will maintain high standards and promote a better workplace.

Resolving Employee Conflicts

Despite your best intentions, not every employee you hire will get along with everyone else. When conflicts arise amongnst workers, employ resolution techniques before taking drastic action.

The Importance of Restaurant Staff Uniforms

Restaurant uniforms, though not always appreciated, are an important way for guests to identify employees. They are also important for maintaining a level of professionalism and cleanliness.

Restaurant Employment and Labor Laws

Learn about the Fair Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and how they matter to your business.

How to Find and Hire the Right People

Find employees that you can count on to deliver the high-level of service your restaurant requires.

Running Successful Take-out and Delivery Services

Implement ordering methods and deliver accurate orders safely and on time with these tips.

Fundamental Upselling Strategies for the Restaurant

Learn how offering suggestions and alternatives with embellished descriptions can be an effective way to upsell product to your restaurant guests.

Breaking the Language Barrier: Training and Managing a Multilingual Restaurant Staff

Learn about some useful tips for managing a restaurant staff that includes multiple non-native English speakers, or even employees who don't speak English at all.

How to Develop a Hazard Communication Program in Your Restaurant

OSHA requires any restaurant using hazardous chemicals must have a written hazard communication program available to all employees. This ensures that all hazards are clearly and effectively transmitted in order to provide protection to those working with hazardous chemicals.

Restaurant Hazards Posed by Commercial Fryers

Though they are simple to use, commercial fryers can pose a threat simply because of the high temperatures and hot oil. Learn to avoid these hazards for safe fryer use.

Safely Operating Commercial Mixers

Commercial mixers are far more powerful than their residential counterparts, and thus require more attention to safety instructions to avoid dangerous incidents.

The Top 5 Challenges of Restaurant Training

A quality training program sets up each employee for success. Learn how to overcome challenges in your training program and create a rock solid team for your food service business.

How to Prevent Employee Turnover: The People Equity Model

The People Equity Model can keep you ahead of turnover, retain employees and keep your restaurant running efficiently.

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