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Articles Tagged 'Restaurant Cost Of Goods Sold'

Restaurant Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Made Simple

Cost of Good Sold, or COGS, represents the expense the restaurant incurs for the inventory used in a given time period. Managing COGS is essential for minimizing losses and making a profit in any restaurant.

A Quick Guide on Pricing Restaurant Menu Items

Your restaurant’s menu prices directly affect your restaurant’s profitability, so it is important to spend time to get it right. Follow the guidelines in this article to reap the most benefit from your menu pricing decisions.

Controlling Food Cost in the Restaurant

Food cost is usually the biggest expense in the restaurant. Without controls in place, this expense can get out of control and damage your profitability. In this article, learn some common ways that restaurants control their food costs.

Conducting Inventory and Tracking Usage

Count your inventory with confidence and track your food cost with a watchful eye.

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