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Articles Tagged 'Restaurant Chef'

Restaurant Roles and Job Descriptions

Use these charts to gain a basic understanding of the organization of labor in a typical restaurant, from fine dining to fast food.

Culinary Training: Choosing Your Path

When considering culinary training, examine your overall goals and plan your course of education.

A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Chef

Working 10-14 hours a day may sound tedious, but for those who love to cook professionally it's just par for the course. Take a glimpse into the typical day of a full-service restaurant chef.

How to Move Up the Ladder from Line Cook to Head Chef

Have ambition to run the kitchen? Learn how to move up the chain and reach your career goals here.

Bam! The Makings of a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity chefs have brought a good deal of attention to the restaurant industry. What makes celebrity chefs so memorable, and why do we love them?

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