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Top 10 Tips for Buying an Existing Restaurant

Buying an existing restaurant can be a good way to make your way into a tough industry. Learn some tips before laying down the investment.

Funding Your New Restaurant

Start-up costs vary from situation to situation when it comes to restaurant capital. Learn everything you need to know about financing your new business and stay as prepared as possible.

Opening a Franchise vs. Starting an Independent Restaurant

Opening a franchise restaurant and starting an independent restaurant business require different considerations and investments. Learn the differences here.

Opening an Independent Restaurant

Learn what it takes to open an independent restaurant, and including the potential drawbacks and other expectations to those new in the industry.

Restaurants Organized as Sole Proprietorships

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of running a restaurant as the sole proprietorship, or running a business as a single owner.

Buying an Existing Restaurant vs. Starting from Scratch

Read up on the risks and benefits of starting a restaurant from scratch versus buying into an existing restaurant, and what to expect with each.

Projecting Sales for Your New Restaurant

Projecting sales is a crucial step in assessing your restaurant's future profitability and forming a reasonable expectation for your first year cash flow.

Building a New Restaurant Vs. Buying an Existing Restaurant

Discover the pros and cons of building versus buying a restaurant.

The People Involved with Building a Restaurant

The hardest part about restaurant marketing is knowing where to begin. Start by educating yourself and developing an actionable plan. Learn the proper steps to develop a truly successful marketing strategy.

How to Create a Restaurant Concept

Your restaurant's concept shapes the public's perception of your business. Learn how to make your restaurant stand out from the competition with these steps.

Choosing a Location for Your New Restaurant

See your restaurant's scouted location true potential with these tried and true factors and techniques.

Choosing a Name for Your New Restaurant

What's in a name? Your restaurant's name broadcasts a message to customers before they have a chance to see your menu. Contemplate these suggestions when brainstorming for the success of your brand.

Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Saving money is at the heart of nearly every food service operation. Learn where to spend and where to save when purchasing restaurant equipment and supplies.

Procuring Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Acquire knowledge on how to determine what restaurant equipment and supplies you need, how to find it and what to look for in a quality equipment dealer.

Scheduling Your Restaurant's Opening Day

Everything is in place and you are ready to open the doors for business, but when is the best time to do it? Read about how to use the calendar to your advantage when planning the opening day of your restaurant.

Opening a Restaurant in a Hotel: What You Need to Be Successful

Create a solid partnership for a successful and profitable hotel restaurant. Anticipate challenges and remedy issues before they become road blocks with these tips.

Top 10 Tips for Buying Restaurant Equipment

Restaurant equipment is a big investment, no matter how many pieces you are buying, so you'll want to follow these 10 tips in order to make the best purchase for your business.

Leasing New Restaurant Equipment

Starting a new restaurant is expensive. Sometimes there isn't enough in the budget to cover all the essentials. Whether money is too tight or is tied up in other important opening elements, restaurant equipment is still necessary to a functioning kitchen. For those with cramped budgets, leasing restaurant equipment is an alternative solution.

Marketing a Restaurant Grand Opening Event

Your grand opening is the best chance you have for getting people interested in your restaurant. Learn how to host a grand opening that will attract the media and put your restaurant in the spotlight.

How to Open Franchise Restaurant: A Quick Guide

Franchising is a popular business arrangement in the restaurant industry. If you want to start a restaurant but do not have a lot of experience in the industry, buying into a franchise restaurant may be the right choice for you.

Registering Your Restaurant's Name

Registering your new restaurant’s name will legitimize your business and prevent others from stealing your name and possibly damaging your brand.

Restaurant Licenses and Permits

In order to operate, restaurants require a number of different licenses and permits. Learn which licenses you will need in order to open a new restaurant.

Restaurant Music Licensing

Playing music in your restaurant can help increase your customers’ dining experiences. However, most restaurants will need to obtain a music license in order to avoid copyright infringement for those songs.

Organizing Your Restaurant as an LLC: Pros and Cons

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) use some elements from partnerships and corporations to form a flexible taxation and management system. Start-up restaurants that are mid-sized or family owned are ideal for an LLC structure

Restaurants Organized as Partnerships: Pros and Cons

Many small restaurants choose to organize as a partnership. This allows two or more people who want to open a restaurant to use their complementary skills and funds to get the business venture off the ground.

How to Start a Theme Restaurant

At a theme restaurant, the food and entertainment are rolled into one. Learn how to start a profitable theme restaurant that will continue to attract customers even after the novelty wears off.

The 10 Most Important Restaurant Legal Responsibilities

Starting a restaurant entails more than just putting some restaurant equipment in a building and selling food to the public. There are a lot of legal responsibilities that new restaurant owners need to take into account, as well.

New Versus Used Restaurant Equipment

Although priced for budgeted shoppers, not all used commercial kitchen equipment presents the best deal in town. Learn about what to look for and how to spot a bargain.

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