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Restaurant Roles and Job Descriptions

Use these charts to gain a basic understanding of the organization of labor in a typical restaurant, from fine dining to fast food.

How to Find and Hire the Right People

Find employees that you can count on to deliver the high-level of service your restaurant requires.

Hiring Family and Close Friends

Consider the pros and cons of hiring close family and friends to work in your food service establishment.

Sample Interview Questions

Stumped for a good question to ask during an interview? Weed out the most qualified candidates with these tried and true interview questions.

Hiring a General Manager for Your Restaurant

Repeat customers are your restaurant’s best resource. If you spend the majority of your marketing budget trying to attract new patrons, learn why you should switch tactics to attract the regulars.

Hiring the Right Chef for Your Restaurant

Most upscale or fine-dining establishments will have an executive chef to run every aspect of their commercial kitchen. In addition to the standard employee qualifications, you will want to make sure your chef shares your business philosophy and has the background and skill that you are looking for.

Hiring Teenagers in Your Restaurant: Rules, Restrictions and Resources

Hiring young people is not illegal nor out of the ordinary, especially for restaurants and food service positions. The important thing is to recognize the laws and restrictions regarding hiring teenagers in the restaurant.

Top 6 Interview Tips for Hiring a General Manager in Your Restaurant

There are good general managers, and then there are great general managers. Here are a few tips to hire the best GM for your restaurant.

How to Prevent Employee Turnover: The People Equity Model

The People Equity Model can keep you ahead of turnover, retain employees and keep your restaurant running efficiently.

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